Sunday, September 25, 2016

A very new experience for me today, shopping for girls' clothing. Specifically a dress. For a young girl, just barely a teen. In a town where people dress for effect but not to dress up. I only had children of the male type and never found it necessary to shop for a dress for someone else before. The only person I have ever dress shopped for was me and I have not worn an actual real life dress in twenty plus years. It was fun. Did not take long and we had help from other shopkeepers and friends who suggested dresses, stores and held pieces for us. We ended with a beautiful red and black dress with hibiscus flowers on it. I do not have a picture, as we are waiting for the event to get the total picture, but I made her promise, PROMISE to send me a picture.

I also finished a drawing this week and posted it in a few places on line. It is my next mission, and I have chosen to accept it, to figure out how to make my drawings, original artworks, available to collectors, patrons and people who need cool art for their homes.

I would chat more tonight or rather write more but I can feel my eyes swimming in my head already and bed is calling. To write more later....

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