Thursday, May 31, 2012

Long ago, when the world was much younger and I too, I did my student teaching with kindergarten and first grade students. I have always loved the artwork of children. Long before they are taught " rules " and conformity ( no, a tree looks like THIS ), freedom reigns on their paper and they create what they see and treasure with any means at their disposal. Paper. Glue. Crayon. Glitter.

This month in town, the elementary schools have artwork exhibited all through the shops and restaurants. The theme is " Spirit of Place " so the kids have created little collages of Port Townsend. They have picked what they see, what is important to them, what has made an impression. This work is by Mrs. Lois Polley's third grade class. It is a collage of buildings from around town. You can see the clock tower, the lighthouse, the courthouse and maybe even the building that houses my shops.

And one other fun footnote? They created this downtown scene during our annual Halloween costume parade and trick or treat event. Now, that is important to these artists, not to mention memorable.

I am going to keep this picture in my journal and my artists' mind to maybe recreate one day with full childlike abandon!