Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Say a Little Prayer for me, for you

I do not think that there is a woman out there that does not like to have her home, whatever it may be, to herself. It's not to say that you do not love your partner and kids or the big dog that lays around the living room but it is ever so nice to be by yourself in your own space. No one to answer to, no one needs anything or asks for anything, you don't need to cook or run the laundry. In the quiet of your own home you can just be there. Read, sew, knit, water plants, have a cup of hot chocolate, relax. Ah, the sweet company of one's self! Today, I had those hours in my home. Solitude in a space, a place, I wanted to be. Sweet.
So in my contemplative mood, in the loving solitude of my own home, I made rosaries today. I had new centers and crosses just cast in britanium and some new matted Czech glass beads that combined to make  pretty, yet unusual rosaries.

I love making rosaries. I love the meditation that comes over me as I turn bead after bead. The silence involved in the repetitive turning of loops, the silent counting of the beads in groups of ten, then three. I am not Catholic but I can appreciate prayer beads. There is prayer in making them. There is comfort in the turning and linking, the handling, the drape of the finished piece in your hands. The solace of a tangible connection to prayer. The technique is not complicated nor does it require any real skill but the intangible felt when beads are handled in prayerful thought, make the process a religious one.