Sunday, September 30, 2018



Girls' Night Out is this coming Thursday, October 4th from 11:00 to 7:00. Maybe even later! We will be having a gemstone trunk show, FUN sales throughout the day, good conversation and chocolates.

A special fundraiser will be our beautiful Czech glass and crystal stretchy bracelets in an array of pink and cranberry shades. The bracelets, all lovingly crafted by us, will be on sale for just $ 3.00 each with all proceeds being donated. ( PERFECT TO GIVE AS A GIFT OR TO STASH AWAY FOR THE HOLIDAYS OR TO WEAR YOURSELF. )

Hoping you stop in to say hello and support a cause that is close to all of us. The best part about my shop for me is the friendship you all offer and the conversation we enjoy together. As always, one on one help is available! See you on Thursday!!

Monday, September 10, 2018

A quick Hello

We are here! The Wooden Boat Festival is over and summer is on the verge of leaving us. Hello gray skies and rainy weather. You know what this means? Perfect, and I do mean perfect, beading weather!

We have added many new things to the shop inventory and as always I will be around for private classes and in store help. My repair work basket is nearly caught up too so feel free to bring in your broken beady treasures and jewelry. I can also help you fix your own pieces.

If you want to see me for certain, give the shop a call ( 360-385-6131 ) and check in. I actually do take a couple of days off for studio time and -gasp-a personal life! Wait. What IS that?

I have added in a bunch of new Picasso finished size 6 and 8 seed beads, all lovingly and expertly crafted in the Czech Republic. There is a limited supply right now so come in soon.

I will leave you with a picture of these new beads and get the shop ready to open. Our hours remain 11:00 to 5:30.

FIND US - September 14th, Friday, and September 15th, Saturday, at the Cabin Fever Quilters expo at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. I will be part of the vendor market and have a few beads on sale along with an amazing range of all my favorite fat quarters. It is QUILT time too!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Summer Smoked!

We have been inundated with the sad smell of smoke from all the fires in British Columbia. It has wafted down here and made our days a horrid shade of pinkgray and the smell makes me react in sorrow as I think of all the great forests and trees lost to fire. I pray daily for rain and I want nothing more than the fires to end and the animals and nature recover. I think with pain and sadness for all the people who have lost their treasured possessions. I grieve right along side of all of them and they are never far from my thoughts.

In my grief, I turn to work that is comforting to me. Meditative to my mind and releasing in my emotions. Each movement becomes a prayer. Each turn a wish for rain. I have been wrapping sea glass and turning them into pendants. I have wrapped many as I have fallen in love with the ease of crafting with the bronze wires available now. All through last weekend's studio tour, as the smoke grew into the air all weekend; I wrapped pendants. Here then is a photo.

I think of them as mermaid jewels and like the colors of the waters around here. Aquas, sapphires, cobalt blues. The air may be colored gray and everything coated with a layer of black ash but the water remains...

I have added some of the two hole Carrier Beads into the shop for your design experimentation. These are glass and although I have not tried them yet, I think they will make up into some interesting work. More colors arriving shortly.

Finally, news that makes me excited to share - the building is getting a fresh coat of paint, the first in a very long time. The new sidewalks are in, the rain gardens planted and now, paint!! A great way to wrap up the summer in downtown Port Townsend! 

ps - if you see anything in the photos you would like to order or inquire about, just email me at or call the shop at 360-385-6131, daily 11 - 5:30. Alas, I am not  modern enough to have an answering machine there but a real person will answer your calls during those hours. Happy Beading my friends! Now off to attempt a rain dance!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018


I am studio tour destination # 45 on the map!

Welcome August

Welcome August although I can not say I will be sorry to see you go. I am not a fan of hot weather and each time I view news footage of the fires out here on the west coast, my heart breaks for the people who have lost so much and the many animals that have also had their homes destroyed and lives lost. I say blessings to the people and fire fighters several times a day and include in my prayers one for rain. So August, you can give way to cooler temps and rain and I will rejoice in the better weather.

The days march on in a flurry of shop customers and activity. New beads and buttons are arriving on a near daily basis and that makes for exciting new beady opportunities. Many of the new beads lend themselves for quick stringing and earring projects and we can help you choose them to make the BEST accessories. We are open 11-5:30 daily for the rest of the summer. Come on in, bring your house guests to town and play in the beads!

Here are some of the newest colors in the WHEEL beads. 
I like to use the Czech glass wheel beads, a single hole bead, as a spacer in my jewelry, particularly stretchy bracelets and as cool textural beads in my embroidery work. They add a nice dimension to surface embellishment. They would be striking on quilts and fabric too.
New August display window cube.
The month for beach, sand, shells and treasure!
After the shop closes for the day, since the tides are still reasonably low on my favorite beaches; I like to go and take a quick stroll, breathe the cool salty air and hunt for beach glass, curly little shells and smooth rocks. I have quite the stash of these things, saved for winter days when the beach is cold and abandoned but I can still draw on the memories of sweet finds and in my mind, smell the warm, salty air.
A beautiful dusk photo of Port Townsend by the Mainstreet group.
Port Townsend hovers around the edges of these hot summer days with a slew of activities and concerts. You will find me on the weekend of the 18th and 19th, on the 20th anniversary of the Artist Studio Tour, at my studio...not in the shop although the shop will be open. You can come and see where I bead, paint, do metal work and daydream new projects! My first time on the tour and both days I will be open 10 -4. See you soon! 

Friday, July 13, 2018

Not Too Wordy

Good Morning and Happy Friday the 13th! An excellent day for good luck coming your way! I just wanted to share a few pictures this morning from my FB page and let you see what I have been doing in some of my free ( haha self employed - no free ) time!
Chinese crystal, 3 mm, excellent quality. $ 3.95

New earrings made with one of my original charm castings. I think this design is 18 years old.

Best beach find in ages! What a color!
HApPy WeeKeNd!!
So very, very true!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

A July 4th Update

This day dawns sunny if not a bit humid for Port Townsend and I am finally able to crawl out from my bed as this summer cold and cough shakes loose a bit. I have sporadically worked in my studio, slept a lot, read a bit and mostly just coughed my fool head nearly off! Sheesh. All winter - no cold then, Blam! Summer cold! Oh well, it is these events that add spice to my life. ( Whether I want it or not! ) Anyhow, I hope to be back in the shop tomorrow on the 5th, Lucas is tired of seeing me laying about, and back to my usually chatty self! Come see me! I think an iced tea is calling our names. 
Bronze components & Charms as long dangly necklace pieces

My sometimes co worker. Lucas!!

Fourth of July reminder. 

This year, on these dates will find my studio participating in this tour!