Thursday, June 14, 2018


This past week has been some of my favorite weather. A couple of heavy rain showers, brief sunny periods, a little wind and cool temperatures. All of it combined to inspire me to work a bit in the studio, catching up on inventory for the shop, making jewelry and treasure tubes, and doodling in my sketchbooks. Plus I had the house to myself for four days and I could sleep at weird times, eat at weirder times and only had to make myself happy. Isn't it great to enjoy your digs all by yourself?!

Studio work table last night
This is what my studio table looked like yesterday evening as I filled treasure tubes for the Embellishment shop in the lobby. All these bits and remainders of treasure from the last 25 years have accumulated and now been assembled into crafty tubes for your inspiration. All these bits were just too precious and cool to toss so now, for $ 4.95, you get permission to play!!

These are just a treasure tube sampling.
I also made a couple of embroidered pieces to replace the paper signs I had displayed for years with my locally felted wool. I love sitting in a cozy chair, listening to music and hand stitching on wool. Nothing is as soothing and timeless as working with my hands with something as tactile as wool and textured threads.
Finally, a sign made in wool!

I love this little mini banner too.

I left plenty of gorgeous colors of wool in the lobby for you to come and pick some up for your own handwork. You could make a little banner or sign that says, " peace " or " love" or anything else and if you need a suggestion or help with a stitch - just let me know! It will be the perfect excuse to let me make something new!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Eye Candy

For your viewing pleasure tonight, some EYE CANDY! I swear there is not a bead in my shop that I do not love. Did you know we still carry Czech seed beads by the hank? Not many stores do anymore but being both the traditional ( and non traditional ) beader that I am; I love these beads. I especially like the hanks and strands of Czech seed beads that have the antique finish on them known as a picasso finish. Very handsome, colorful, yet subtle as if they were found in an archeology dig. I just received a note yesterday that a new shipment of these beads is on its way. Come on in and I will show a few of my favorite favorites!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

About May

It is an exciting day in the neighborhood as we finally get sidewalks at the shop! We are holding our breath too that we might even get a tree planted near our corner. So much has changed downtown yet, after 26 years, we remain. We still have a great bead selection, teach classes, offer on site help, repair your pieces and have a great supply of jewelry that is made in my studio. Plus, of course, all the charms I cast that are then transformed into earrings and pendants and so much more. Right now, I am debating what hours to be open this summer. I will stay all day and into the evening if it does not get too hot. This girl melts in the heat! I am loving opening in the morning at 11 and closing by 5:30. What do you all think?

Mother's Day has come and gone and the roses given to me by Jacob and Kaycee still live on in the shop. I am a very lucky mom!

I am keeping this posting deliberately short so that I can return to my studio where I have dreamcatchers, earrings and a funky necklace in progress. 

Here is a studio shot of the Swarovski earring crystals all stacked up, ready to be transformed into jewelry. Years ago I made pretty necklaces of crystal and black seed beads that were much loved. I am thinking of doing them again because one thing I think we can all use again these days is some sparkle! 

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Just Around Here

It is the end of a wonderful spring day, full of sun, light and warmth even if it was a tad noisy in the shop today due to all the construction on the road outside our front door. We are excited because, cross your fingers, paving in our beady neck of the woods should be done next Thursday. Although, like much else in life, it is weather dependent. Plus, the construction does not happen on Fridays through Sundays, so park away downtown!

We will be open until 7:30 this coming Saturday, the 5th, for Gallery Walk. We will have our classroom upstairs open for a continuing trunk show and sale along with the bead shop being open downstairs. I hope you will stop by as Lucas, who is maybe coming out of his puppyhood, may be working the shop and he loves to meet and greet!

I thought I would just show you a couple of pictures and then head off to dreamland myself for the evening. I am also posting the first blurb here about our upcoming POP UP SHOP at the BEAD SHOP, on May 11th and 12th, Friday and Saturday. The shop is a fair trade for craft supplies, baskets, candles and more from Africa and my friend Richard, will be on hand to tell you of his journey, his goods and his crafts.

Here is a picture of a very limited supply of a glass grape colored agate bead from the Czech Republic, one of my favorites. If this bead needs to hold a spot in your stash, stop in soon and pick a strand up!

Also, this lovely, vintage scrimshawed bone beads are just about gone. We still have a few remaining and if you need something special to add to your bead collection, this could be THE bead!.

Wishing you the best of sleep and a beady good evening. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Spring makes me sing! The sun, the warmth, all the colors and flowers popping everywhere! Throwing open the windows in my studio and letting all that glorious light in! I may be taking a chance here but the heater has been turned off, the grass mowed about the outside of the studio door and all the the stinky, creative work I have been aching to do over the winter,  has commenced beginning with today.

The shop hours are 11 -5:30 everyday except Tuesday. You can also give me a call during those hours to make an appointment to see our trunk show upstairs or the warehouse just outside of town.  I am even entertaining the idea of a regular open studio day. Oh, but the possibilities on an endless spring day just seem endless!


Then, there are abalone beads. Straight from the Philippines making me think of surf and sand and the crinkly hairdo I get from salt water spray at the ocean. Shell jewelry is perfect for your spring accessory. Mother Nature's own miniature paintings in shell form. Stop in and make up some abalone earrings or a bracelet today.

Lapis. What can I say about this gorgeous deep blue? It reminds me of the deepest seas. The bluest eyes. The sweet smell of spring rain. It is a must have bead for me. We have beads, jewelry and specimens in this beautiful stone in the lobby case.

Hoping to see you soon about the shop or downtown. Let's  go have an ice cream and talk spring and beads and dreams and of the future.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

It is a wet and windy spring day. Cold enough to turn on the heater! I have spent the morning in the studio making earrings and contemplating the warmer days so I can get to my other metal and glass studio and do some new work. It has been way too long since I have been out there. I need to do some rearranging and put up some shelves too. Summer will bring on new studio adventures!

I love this picture of Kathy. She is officially retired but we keep drawing her in to both the bead shop and the yarn store. She has become quite an accomplished knitter, by the way. Last Sunday she crimped off and priced the new collection of daggers into the shop. These are the new Laser Tattoo daggers with awesome patterns on each little spike. The surface is like velvet in your fingers and how the tiny patterns are placed on the daggers must be magic! We have some that have flowers and leaves on them and some that look like peacock feathers and best of all, some that are lined as if they were an insect's wings! Those are my personal favorite. Anyhow, I think this picture of Kath in her red shirt with the long length of daggers against her, is very artistic.

And then, there are these beads. part of the Picasso finished seed bead collection we have in from the Czech republic. This color palette is a favorite. They can be incorporated into your bead work or strung on elastic to make an armload of stretchy bracelets. Perfect for the shorter sleeve weather coming up!

Just a reminder, we are keeping our new BEAD SHOP ANNEX room open by appointment, or you can ask to see it if there are two of us in the shop. The Annex is in the classroom upstairs from the bead shop and features a trunk show of gems, jewelry, artwork, sculpture, scarves and found objects and treasures. All at discounted prices. The room will be open for first Saturday Gallery Walks too from 5:30 to 8:00 ish. Like my ad says, " You have to see the selection to believe it. "
xo, Lois

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Tucson Treasures & Beyond

It has already been a year, a wonderful year filled with bead adventures and lots of friendship. I have been creating as usual in the studio so my charms are abundant. I am painting and drawing and making jewelry and so much more. It is a good life and a fun living.

The event coming up at the shop is our annual trunk show and sale. Beads from everywhere, picked up in my travels and from my personal lifelong collection will be on sale and display. Prices are discounted and we will be paying your sales tax.

The date is set, MARCH 29th form 5:30 to 7:00 pm in the bead shop's upstairs classroom at 940 Water Street in Port Townsend.

Merchandise will remain on display and for sale for a couple more weeks so stop by the shop, we are open 11 - 5 ish daily and of course, you can call for an appointment at 360-385-6131.