Thursday, June 25, 2020

A Like No Other

Phil and I decided to take a true day off or at least a morning off from the studio, office, shop and just escape to a part of local Fort Flagler we had never explored before. We hiked around for a couple of hours along with Lucas who could not believe how low the swallows fly and how slow he seemed to be aware that he could not catch them!
Mount Baker
 The view from the top of the army's old battlements and former gun mounts was inspiring. The air was clear, warm, the water calm and no wind to chill us. We discovered the area on Sunday but could not walk any further because a field of deer, yes, deer, not flowers, appeared to the right of our walk. We all know what happens when dogs see deer and Lucas is no exception so we turned and headed home.
I thought I was seeing something magical though when this white spotted deer was in the field. A palomino deer! They were resting and grazing and making me feel like I had stumbled upon someone's private party and was woefully underdressed for the occasion. They looked at me standing in my mouth gaping surprise and did not even move. Hushed. Everything so reverently quiet.

It was a marvelous, bright, sparkly day and even the giant Dodge pickup truck that struck the back of my tiny Toyota did not lessen our sheer delight with the morning. Just the universe's way of reminding us to never take a moment for granted. So you know what I have to say? The lesson was heard. The reminder needed. The gratefulness for the day and a non injury accident still made for a bright, sparkly day!

Now, because life is too short
not to be amazed at what is right
next door to you... This is Lucas yesterday discovering he could see the chickens the neighbor has on just the other side of the fence. I think we need a
bigger peep hole. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

One Week Down

The first week opening after the pandemic is over. We had a good time and were very happy to hear from many of you! The shop hours are still morphing as we move ahead. We are even hoping to be able to schedule some one on one trunk show appointments for all the goodies that are not in the shop. Remember way back in January and February where I spent a week shopping out of state? Orders arriving back then from overseas too? Excitement was building? Well, those beads and gems are all still waiting to be seen! I must say they look pretty dang good. Especially since the shop has been cleaned top to bottom. Stay in touch and watch FB for postings on the availability of trunk showings. Of course, masks will be required and sanitizer used.

I have always found over the decades of my life in the art and crafts field, that creativity draws us together even as politics and issues can draw us apart. Creating is communicating on a level that is primal, needed and ascends the boundaries of hatred and politics and the ugliness that can seem to prevail in so much of the world today. We are one, filled and inspired to create and when you feel your voice is silenced or so small as to not be heard; say it loud with your creativity. Whether it be beading, painting, drawing, knitting, metalwork, embroidery, writing, sculpture or pottery; craft strong, craft well and speak out and up through craft, I have always believed that the process of being creative is a uniting force. One filled with light and love and passion for the spoken and visual word and each other.

In the meantime, we remain open Thursdays through Mondays, 11-5:30. Craft On! Be well.

Sunday, May 31, 2020


We are going to be reopening on Thursday, June 4th at 11:00 and closing at 5:30. We will be following all the governor’s protocols for safety. Masks are required to come into the building and shops. We are limiting customers to two at a time in the bead shop, keeping a six foot distance at all times. We have hand sanitizer in several locations throughout. You may not bring a non shopper with you. No spouses, no kids, no friend who is tagging along to just keep you company. No pets. I am sorry it is this way but the pandemic makes it so.

Of course, you may still order on line or call us for curbside pick up. If we are busy with the two shoppers allowed in at a time; we will take your name and number and call when you can come in. Some private appointments are available before or after hours.

We are excited to be seeing you again and look forward to spreading some happiness with bead love.

Be well! Contact Lois at or 360-385-6131

Monday, May 25, 2020

Getting Closer

We are getting closer to being opened for business again with customers allowed to enter the store with masks and keeping social distance. We are still formulating all our plans to be ready for you while safeguarding your safety and health as well as our own. Stay tuned! We are excited!

I have added new things to the website, and I think it is a good direction we are heading in. I have added the Guadalupe panels for embellishing and new gemstones. I have been working on a new Guadalupe panel, I refer to them as prayer flags, to join the one already hanging in our lobby. We want to inspire you to do your own panel and sitting in the shade with an iced tea on a hot summer day, adding beads and sparkly things by hand to fabric sounds like a slice of a heavenly afternoon to me!

These panels are 100% cotton and are $ 4.50 each. I usually stitch them onto a piece of felt or flannel or other fabric to make them a bit stiffer for adding beads to.

The colors are really lovely and you can use up a lot of odds and ends craft supplies in embellishing them.

There are four images of Guadalupe to choose from and I like them all. Eventually, I will have all four finished.

With all the time we have had during the governor's wise stay at home orders during the pandemic; I have immensely enjoyed all things craft again. There was time to linger on a project, time to bring out unfinished work and time to just relax in the simple arts of handwork and beading. 

I even found myself baking again! Yesterday I used an old family recipe from Pennsylvania and made fresh blueberry pudding. To this day I do not know why it is called pudding when it is actually a 9"x13" cake. I suspect someone along the way added pudding to the name because my grandpop added cream to it to eat. I am certain other generations did too. I especially like the recipe because you can add almost any fruit to it. Ask my kids and they will tell you I add raisins to everything!
Ask for the recipe and I will send it to you. It is so simple and easy!

I have also been using this earring finding I cast, ( J-03, $ 8.75 pair, sterling silver ) to make new earrings for the shop and my long neglected etsy page. I made a boo boo and cast too many. My bad is your good and if you want to make your own earrings, I will include free- the six sterling silver, 24 gauge headpins for the dangles if you mention this blog in the comment section on your order.

Of course, you can always have me make up earrings for you. Just send me an email with your color preferences. $ 28 a pair. or

There are rumblings in the house now and I think that means Phil and the dog are awake. I need a helper to transplant tomato plants today while it remains cool and wet. I have volunteered Phil. I bet he will be surprised. HAHA ! See, stay home even has me gardening, sort of, again!


Saturday, May 9, 2020

It is a gorgeous day here in the Pacific Northwest with temperatures in the low to mid 80's. A bit too warm for my liking but around here, pandemic or not, people love heat. It is a pretty rare commodity. I am secretly sitting here and very jealous because stepson Eric has three inches of snow at his farm in Vermont. Snow! In May?! I love snow but after all this time home in pandemic quarantine, I might be ready for no snow days this coming winter.

I have loved most of being home during the pandemic. I have had an explosion of creativity and have done every thing in my studios that I could think of for fun. I actually did work and projects just for me, just because I wanted to. I will have to post pictures the next time of all the things I did do. Hint: Some of the crafts I did have not been worked on by me in over 27 years! I am new and old again!

The least fun part of the pandemic is missing being in my shop and my customers, employees and fellow business buddies. I miss all that camaraderie and social life! Almost starved for It. Soon. Soon. Soon.

My beautiful white lilac bush. A gift a bunch of years ago from Phil & Jacob.
Today I ventured out into the side yard as I wandered a path around the house to do some serious weeding. I may have late life allergies but gardening needs to be done, at least around here in fits and starts.

I am in the process of learning to schedule and make films in my shop and studio. Live action videos you can watch at a certain time to see what surprises and cool things I have in inventory. Like these beads.

Handsome blue rutilated quartz found in Tucson, A new stone!  $ 19. each

I am also making new jewelry pieces with beads in my stash. Like visiting old friends to find beads I forgot I had purchased over these many decades. I mix them with my metal work and cast charms and have an adventure in design! Nothing like spreading out a bunch of beads and findings and tools and just going for it!

Handmade white bronze, sterling and glass. $34.

Locally made furnace glass beads and sterling silver. $ 15.

Signing out from my blog now. Stay safe and healthy. Practice kindness. Be creative. Love yourself and your family and friends. So long for now.

Monday, April 13, 2020

On my phone baby!

Hello and happy stay at home day! Hope you are busily creating fabulous jewelry or enjoying the meditative aspects of bead stitch work. I am missing everything about my shop in particular all the interactions with my customers. So much a part of my life! I think we will get it all back with new perspectives on what is truly important, what matters to you and that you will continue to find time to feed your creative muse. Here are a few things I have been doing.
These are two turquoise pieces I recently set in sterling silver. $10.50 each

My classic sterling Port Townsend charm. $19.

These are pieces I forgot that I had made until a customer reminded me.
These are sterling Ascension crucifixes showing the risen Christ. Easter yesterday
Celebrating his rise!  

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Trying This Again

Like I said in the little testing message above, I am going to try another post. I wrote such a nice long post the other day and it seems to have totally disappeared! How frustrating. I am home and can have time to write a bit, besides all the studio work and cleaning I am doing, and then - poof- gone. Sad.

Anyhow, like you, I am at home. I have been here awhile and in week two of the STAY HOME TIME. Lots of homebound activities have been going on even a couple of long evenings knitting or crocheting in front of the TV and my companion, Netflix. I have learned though that I can not watch an action-adventure movie and still do any kind of craft in front of the television. I have already tossed one wee messed up project in an alpaca yarn! Fortunately it was just the swatch!

I am going to try and leave you with a couple of pictures taken now so you can just feel the peace radiating from them. Local pictures. Until later... happy CrAfTiNg!!

North Beach

Ferry arriving.