Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I'll be here this coming weekend with new jewelry designs and new little paintings and drawings. Please come by, see what I have been up to and say hello. You know this building is literally ON the beach downtown. Get a hotdog and Dogs-A-Foot across the street, have a little picnic in Pope Marine Park next door or on the Wave Viewing Gallery and look at fabulous art and fine craft works when you are all done lunch! Pop on over to Elevated Ice Cream next for a cone and wrap up your afternoon at the wonderful shops downtown and then onto a terrific dinner. See you soon. ( You're welcome, by the way, I love planning someone else's day! )
As with all things, time does some changing to them. We are in the process now of changing up our website and moving this blog so you may link directly from the web site. Change is in the air! Maybe it is the summer that is stirring these feelings of needing change. The longer days, shorter nights that inspire me to keep busy with everything which in my case means CHANGE!
 Little to big, big to little, watch this blog and the website for changes. Have a couple of ideas? Let me know. Want to visit the shop? Come on over. Want to search our warehouse on a nice summer afternoon? Give us a shout out on the phone or via email.  

Come for the day and if I am off, we can craft together and share a meal. 

So happy summer. Happy beading! 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Here I sit in front of an illuminated computer screen thinking back to May 20th, 1992 when I first opened my shop to the public. I have yet to do a grand opening. I began a new life that day. One where I answered my heart's call, stopped doing street fairs and came in from the cold and began a working studio/ gallery/ shop. What a momentous and scary decision to have made but one that I have never looked back upon with regret.

I have truly enjoyed nearly every moment in my shop. The first space was in a crumbling ( still crumbling ) downtown building with great merchandise up front in a gift shop that had been established for some time - Great Expectations. I occupied the back left hand corner.There was a window,  a curtain across the doorway, my old dining room table, a chair and whatever display pieces I conjured up, my husband built or Gary ( the shop owner from the front of this big space ) gave me. I was so enchanted to be installed as a legitimate business woman.

My wise customers led me into the direction they wanted my shop to go. They suggested what to sell, how they liked to be sold to, what kind of relationships we would form. They were and are the wisdom behind everything. Those first years in my small 12 x 12 space were heady. Inspiring. Busy. Creative.

I learned so much from Gary & Jack, the owners of the business at the front of the building. They took a chance on renting me the back room. I think they were a little shocked when they figured out what I was selling. I explained to them I would be selling " stuff that I made. " I had such fun working with them and Jerry, their employee. We became fast friends. My mentors were fun. Interesting and that Gary? A great teller of jokes and prankster.

I had a window that let in afternoon sun and seeing the tiny, glittery motes float in the sunbeams, made me feel that magic lived in that space and lived in me. Faith in the world  became my companion.

Michael, just ten years old then, would come to me after school and color on the white paper bags I would give out to customers. He grew up and I learned to let go, a teeny bit then and let him walk to the shop from school and even to go to the office supply downtown where he would carefully try out and buy his pencils and colored pens.

I met my husband Phil there and fell in love. I planned my life there and my wedding and my romance within those four brick walls. To this very day, twenty five years later, I sigh and smile back at the memories and still can not believe I made that leap of faith in myself and my work.

Here's to another twenty five years. May I be blessed and lucky to still be in love with my work, my family and my customers. It has been a hell of a sweet ride!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Stormy spring afternoon when friends visited and we had an awesome outing! Lunch, shopping, coffee, conversation. This girl needs more of that!
Exhausted these days. Pulled in a thousand different directions as I search for my footing on this spinning globe we call life. Remember, those of us at a certain age, the old Calgon take me away commercials? I get it now. I could use a little take me away time. Freedom from the demands that a business or three make, freedom from household duties, civic responsibilities, all of it. I am not whining. I am not bemoaning my life or what I have made of it. I love what I do. I just feel like I need a quiet afternoon at the movies, or a cup of tea in a quiet far away place with sun and digging birds and couples walking arm in arm. I will find it on the interior side of my soul and there seek refuge in my artwork. A safety net exists there that makes me dream and live in my own little world.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Just look at this sweet child! Almost twenty one now and I miss the little boy he was.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Maia and me. One so young and beautiful and one getting so old and gray.
Generations of women. I see it now in my own life with my own granddaughter.
David's yard with the little doe hidden under the side yard tree.

So this being a semi sunny Easter Sunday, I decided to visit one of my oldest friends here in PT, David North. We have been friends for decades, way before we ever thought about being the old people we are now. We were wild young adults, full of artistic inspiration and dreams and energy. We had our own language, our own ways, our own fun. Even today, we still had the tiniest touch of wildness about us, laying about like an ember waiting to erupt. Oh, he would be laughing if he were to read this! Anyhow, he declared himself Doctor Dave and said my knee would heal, to use it and then he gifted us with six colored hardboiled Easter eggs; asking me which colors I wanted. Pink, I said. We brought him a ham hock for his split pea soup. How we have become funny and sedate these last few years! Still there is love there. Humor. Friendship. How does the North wind blow? Only we know, David. Only we know.