Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Of Chaos and Autumn

Thinking of all of you tonight as my mind tries to make sense of all that is happening in the US today. It is exhausting mentally. I had to take a break, so off to the park we went for a quick walk. This is likely the last day of nearly 70 degree weather until next spring unless climate change raises its ugly head and does something dramatic. Geez, I hope not. How is it out your way? In my heart, I am keeping all my family, friends, customers, and fellow crafters close, rejoicing in your friendship and thoroughly enjoying all the postings of what you are making and doing. Trying to find the beauty in the world today while creating a bit of it with my work is such a delight and blessing. I feel welcoming and loving to all. It is kindness and love that does make the world and the neighborhood go round. 

So for tonight, I leave you with this peaceful image of local waters and a deep breath to once again rise and believe in love, peace, happiness, and kindness. Sweet dreams.

Saturday, September 19, 2020


 Fall officially begins on Tuesday and I am ready. Ready for some change! Fresh air. Rain. Wind. No fires. Fall colors. Creativity bursting as our days get quieter and we spend the evenings at home making things. Feeling inspired. Beginning fall projects that can even turn into holiday gifts.

This is my favorite time of the year. The days have cooled off and now I can hold larger crochet and knitting projects on my lap and not feel as if I am in a sauna! I can turn the oven on and make pies with all the leftover summer fruits. In a few days, I will trim back and put my garden to bed for the winter. There is only a small project or two left to finish. Evenings will find me in front of netflix in the house, working on new drawings or needlepointing or in the studio working with beads or in the metal house using the kiln and working in silver. Maybe this is the year I will add a rolling mill to my collection of tools. 

The shop is open 5 days a week and I am your girl on the spot. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 11 to 5, Sundays 12 to 5, and Mondays 11-5. We are closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Appointments might be available then, however, especially if you are coming from a distance. 

Anyhow, more news and updates later. Happy Fall and be well! Shop beads!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Summer's End

 Here we are already at the last official weekend of summer. The Corn Moon rose in the sky last night as a big glowing light bringing me to the feeling that fall really is just around the corner.

Summer has been busy in the shop and we have been so happy to encourage customers in their pursuit of creativity and craft. As long as the pandemic continues, craft can be a source of comfort and inspiration. We can not teach classes at this time but we can still help you with projects at the shop's counter. 

As we head into the glorious days of fall, our shop hours will remain the same - knock wood. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday from 11:00 to 5:00. Sundays from noon until 4:00. We have curbside delivery available too if you would like to call ahead to order something ( 360-385-6131 ) or you can order from our website for shop pick up at wynwoods.com. Not everything is on line but you can always text a picture to me and I can match up what you need. Call for my cell phone number.

I need to get back out to the studio now and make some jewelry, paint a sign and string some beads. Some days are just a big multi tasking kind of day! I am also going to take a front porch rocking chair knit break.

These are three of my works in progress with our bone face cabochons. I hope to have them finished so I have new brooches to wear on my sweaters this winter. So much fun! 

See you on the block soon! xo Lois

Saturday, August 8, 2020

August at Last!

 Most days now you will find me creatively masked and working in the bead shop and sometimes my yarn shop too. We are open 11 -5, Thursdays through Mondays for August. I have no idea what September will yet bring in the way of hours, so please stay in touch.

So, if this post appears kind of goofy it is because Blogger has changed its format and as usual, this old tech dinosaur is lost in the proverbial cyber woods. I will keep plugging away and eventually ( knock wood ) figure it out. Anyhow, I thought I would just add some pictures here of my beautiful hydrangeas, a pretty bead and a work in progress. The sunshine of August perks me up and gets me moving on new things. The gardening is in the gap month now, waiting to begin its fall die back and the tomatoes have just to ripen. Be well everyone and craft on!

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Of comets, misty mornings and hot days.

Today finds me at home in the office, once again doing paperwork and thinking about business, life, beads and what ever is for dinner. On August 1st, it is my plan to be returning to the shop to work behind the counter. Things will be different even as I strive to make them the same. I have no idea as of this moment, what changes can be in store for you, my much missed customer or for my family or even for me. We will just have to see. Keep your beady little eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for changes and updates.

My website, wynwoods.com has lots of new changes. We have worked to clean it up some, make things clearer, deleted old inventory and added many new things. There are new charms and a new selection of jewelry. Need a quick gift? Check out the jewelry pages. I can wrap it for you, customize the piece and even add a card. I actually like packaging things! Plus the easiest gift of all? I can place a charm on a chain or ear wires and presto! Gift done. Just let me know.

I am adding a few pictures here just for fun and will be taking these few days off to pretend I am on a vacation. I even read TWO, that's right, TWO, books in the last week. I can not tell you when I last did that!

This is my studio assistant these days.

 We have also added fabric to the site and will keep adding more fabric and trim in the coming days and weeks. You have asked about this for years and finally, I am taking the time to do this. Of course, you can still call the shop and I will always be happy to text you pictures too. By the way, flamingos rock a face mask! ( Masks have to be worn all the time in my shop per the governor and me. ) Might as well have some fun with the masks!

Flamingos rock a face mask!!

Finally, I have been sort of obsessed with watching for the comet. I mean, how spectacular to look at something now and know no one will see it here again in 6ooo years! I love the summer night skies and the coolness late evening brings and the hush that just descends on the neighborhood. Watching stars and planets on a cool summer evening is a little vacation itself.
Hunting for the comet in the northeast at Point Hudson.
Comet Neowise.

In case you are wondering, the two books I read are MORE THAN YOU KNOW by Beth Gutcheon which I very much enjoyed, fiction,  and HEADS IN BEDS, A Reckless Memoir of Hotels... by Jacob Tomsky. Non Fiction. When this pandemic is over, I will be a much wiser hotel room renter! I loved living with Jacob Tomsky on the edge of hotel life and his customer stories... wow! Good beach read for the summer.

In the meantime, I hope to see you either on line or in the shop. Have a safe, healthy and socially distanced summer!

Sunday, July 5, 2020

comfort in beads

Just a quick note this beautiful day after the 4th of July, where neighborhood bombardments kept me up waaay too late, or should I say early, this morning. It was well past two when my poor Lucas was able to finally stop pacing and panting and get some sleep. Even in his drugged state, the blasts and booms kept him so scared. A very big 80 pound baby.

When I am troubled or disturbed as is often the case in these pandemic times, I reach for soothing, centering, quieting activities. They help calm the noise both in my head and in the outside world. Yesterday, found me reaching for hand stitching. I went back to working on my Guadalupe prayer flag and continued to hand sew embellishments on the fabric surface and let me mind wander to a gentle, more peaceful, less worrisome time. I thought of picnics with my family so far away back
" home " in rural Pennsylvania. I thought f quiet times in my old studio in a Victorian building downtown where I had no phone line or anyone else with keys to the building. Where I, and the gentleman ghost could create for hours on end with out interruption. I thought of sunny afternoons on the lawn swing with my beloved grandpop. All this roaming, mind roaming, brings me needed comfort and creative time to pursue the gentlest of arts in hand stitching. I am hoping you too, are finding peace and comfort in this extraordinarily challenging time. We will get through this with beauty, compassion and love.

On my Guadalupe, I have shell flowers, leaf ribbon, O beads, seed beads, Czech glass leaves, vintage Czech glass flower buttons, and lucite leaf buttons so far.I think she will also end up with some ribbon roses and cruel embroidery work.

The panels are maybe 10 by 12 inches and I have her backed with wool felt. The panels are 4 different designs but I chose this one because of the teal color surrounding her and the roses on the fabric. I have the panels in the shop and on line at $ 4.50 each. I will mail them to you and am always looking to be able to face time or chat on the phone with someone while stitching away.

Until the, much love my friends and happy stitching.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

A Like No Other

Phil and I decided to take a true day off or at least a morning off from the studio, office, shop and just escape to a part of local Fort Flagler we had never explored before. We hiked around for a couple of hours along with Lucas who could not believe how low the swallows fly and how slow he seemed to be aware that he could not catch them!
Mount Baker
 The view from the top of the army's old battlements and former gun mounts was inspiring. The air was clear, warm, the water calm and no wind to chill us. We discovered the area on Sunday but could not walk any further because a field of deer, yes, deer, not flowers, appeared to the right of our walk. We all know what happens when dogs see deer and Lucas is no exception so we turned and headed home.
I thought I was seeing something magical though when this white spotted deer was in the field. A palomino deer! They were resting and grazing and making me feel like I had stumbled upon someone's private party and was woefully underdressed for the occasion. They looked at me standing in my mouth gaping surprise and did not even move. Hushed. Everything so reverently quiet.

It was a marvelous, bright, sparkly day and even the giant Dodge pickup truck that struck the back of my tiny Toyota did not lessen our sheer delight with the morning. Just the universe's way of reminding us to never take a moment for granted. So you know what I have to say? The lesson was heard. The reminder needed. The gratefulness for the day and a non injury accident still made for a bright, sparkly day!

Now, because life is too short
not to be amazed at what is right
next door to you... This is Lucas yesterday discovering he could see the chickens the neighbor has on just the other side of the fence. I think we need a
bigger peep hole.