Thursday, March 7, 2019

Just Joking

Good morning and yes, this is March and what greeted me upon waking this morning. Know what I am still gonna do? Go to the shop, open up by noon and play with the first shipment of new Czech glass beads that I am bringing into work today! If you are out and about stop in for some of these beauties. They will go fast! See you soon, I hear spring will be in effect on Saturday! XO

Sunday, February 10, 2019


After a couple of delightful sunny days in Tucson while shopping for the bead store; I am home to the deepening shades of white a snowstorm brings. The biggest and most snows this Seattle area has had in 70 years. We are house bound, stuck under 12 inches of snow and unable to venture far from the driveway. The snow had the discourtesy of laying itself down on solid sheets of ice. The shop has been closed 4 of the last seven days and tomorrow’s opening seems doubtful. I am not complaining, really, because I do love snow. I have knitted, beaded, painted, drew, read, cleaned up my office paperwork and baked. Baked! Cinnamon raisin bread from scratch. I don’t think I have baked bread in at least 10 years!

I have been busy though, thinking a lot of warmer summer days and the colors of that upcoming season. I made mermaid bracelets. Rather, stretchy bracelets in Colors of the Salish Sea that in my imagination I see mermaids wearing.

I also keep thinking of all the gems and beads, an abundance of treasure, that  I came across in Tucson. I am busy planning and pricing for the upcoming, soon to be happening trunk show. The weather will clear, roads and driveways will be passable, treats will be bought and all will be displayed in a wonderment of adornment and jewels.


Saturday, January 12, 2019

Hellooo January!

So we all know this month- the long dark nights, the stormy days, the suddenness of sunlight splitting the gloom of a murky afternoon. The perfect month to nest inside and work on your craft while dreaming of summer's play to come. Of gardens in bedtime moonlight, of afternoons filled with saltwater breezes, walking the beach searching for bits of shell and glass. All winter long, I collect places in my mind; places that on summer afternoons, warm from the days's sun; I can sit and craft.  I I watched for benches and lawn chairs, porches and swing sets, picnic tables and stone walls- all with which to perch myself upon and craft or knit. I can see it all now as I think of summer. Lucas will run and run and finally collapse at my feet while I smile and bead,  enjoying every moment. What beadwork will I do outside? I like to embroider tiny pieces. I carry all the supplies in a sandwich bag and work in my lap. Losing a seed bead or twelve is not bothersome. It is my gift to all that is around me...the earth. The ground. The grass. A bit of color, a splash of sparkle. What a trail I can leave!

For this evening though, as I grow sleepier and hear what I think are mousey noises in my garage office; I will post a picture of some of our newest beads. Acid etched, two hole glass beads in a stunning collection of earthy and rich colors. Good night.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

An experiment this fine, sunny afternoon where the heavy frost still lingers in the shaded areas of my yard. I have always posted to my blog from the main computer and not my phone but oh, if I could go this! Post from my phone! Marvelous technology. So here is the post and a picture, maybe, with more to come later.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Almost December & We Have EVENTS!

Hello on this very blustery Port Townsend evening. Today found us needing to close early because of the high winds that just couldn't seem to let us open or close our front door! Very exciting but scary silly to be on the streets. Anyhow, I did manage to get some beadwork done and visit with some very interesting customers.

December is a very busy month for nearly all of us. In addition to being at the shop, I have holiday preparations to make and gifts to craft and maybe, a party to plan. To make things a bit easier on you we are having a new chocolatier in town setting up for the first Saturday during December's Gallery Walk. You can sample these delights and purchase some for yourself or as gifts. This is her first time in our shop and you know how we love our chocolate! We are thinking you do too.
This is a one day pop-up shop in the lobby of Wynwoods Gallery and Bead Studio, on the corner of Water and Tyler streets, downtown Port Townsend. Come sample delicious chocolate, get a jump on your holiday shopping, or simply come to ask questions and get to know us a little. No tickets or reservations necessary. Come for the Christmas Tree lighting and stay for the chocolate! Meet Megan in person too! From 3:00 to 7:00 pm during the GALLERY WALK! 

Also, during Gallery Walk, December 1st, all day, we will be having an ALL THINGS TURQUOISE TRUNK SHOW & SALE! Turquoise gemstone beads, turquoise color magnasite beads, turquoise glass beads, turquoise ribbon and you get the picture. It is all TURQUOISE which is December's birthstone. Come treat yourself to a gift of the month's color or maybe that special beady person in your life, with a December birthday ( or not ) needs a little turquoise!

See you soon! Think chocolate and think turquoise and maybe, think an evening with nice tree lighting weather. We are, of course, open rain or shine! XO 

Sunday, September 30, 2018



Girls' Night Out is this coming Thursday, October 4th from 11:00 to 7:00. Maybe even later! We will be having a gemstone trunk show, FUN sales throughout the day, good conversation and chocolates.

A special fundraiser will be our beautiful Czech glass and crystal stretchy bracelets in an array of pink and cranberry shades. The bracelets, all lovingly crafted by us, will be on sale for just $ 3.00 each with all proceeds being donated. ( PERFECT TO GIVE AS A GIFT OR TO STASH AWAY FOR THE HOLIDAYS OR TO WEAR YOURSELF. )

Hoping you stop in to say hello and support a cause that is close to all of us. The best part about my shop for me is the friendship you all offer and the conversation we enjoy together. As always, one on one help is available! See you on Thursday!!

Monday, September 10, 2018

A quick Hello

We are here! The Wooden Boat Festival is over and summer is on the verge of leaving us. Hello gray skies and rainy weather. You know what this means? Perfect, and I do mean perfect, beading weather!

We have added many new things to the shop inventory and as always I will be around for private classes and in store help. My repair work basket is nearly caught up too so feel free to bring in your broken beady treasures and jewelry. I can also help you fix your own pieces.

If you want to see me for certain, give the shop a call ( 360-385-6131 ) and check in. I actually do take a couple of days off for studio time and -gasp-a personal life! Wait. What IS that?

I have added in a bunch of new Picasso finished size 6 and 8 seed beads, all lovingly and expertly crafted in the Czech Republic. There is a limited supply right now so come in soon.

I will leave you with a picture of these new beads and get the shop ready to open. Our hours remain 11:00 to 5:30.

FIND US - September 14th, Friday, and September 15th, Saturday, at the Cabin Fever Quilters expo at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. I will be part of the vendor market and have a few beads on sale along with an amazing range of all my favorite fat quarters. It is QUILT time too!