Sunday, December 30, 2012

Maybe it is because this current year is ending or the new one beginning but I am feeling a teensy bit lost. I have had a surge of creativity and I have been rocking it but now all I want to do is sit and watch mindless programs on television and knit. I am seeking the comfort of the familiar and knitting relaxes me, removes my stress and helps me cope with the things on my mind.

What else to say as the new year approaches? I am thinking of resolutions of course, changes to the current way things are. If I did everything one way in 2012, I want to do it another way in 2013. If I am in a rut, albeit a comfortable rut, I want to shake it up and do things differently. The universe will show me the way and the things I should be making changes to will come along.

First change this new year? I am not going to open the shop on New Year's day. It will be a studio day for me, to get things done for the shop before I launch myself at all the stuff that needs to be done for Tucson. After a day or so, it will be necessary to place my head to the proverbial grindstone and balance shop, home, Tucson and creative me time.

What will you do in 2013? I am open to your ideas so that maybe I can use them too. Perhaps there is something I should change but am not thinking of.

Here's to the best ever new year. A year of friendship, love, companionship and health. A year of life lived at a pace that makes all of us happy. Health, happiness, prosperity. I wish it all for you and me. Blessings abound. xo