Sunday, November 4, 2012

Some days I have more mojo than other days. Today the mojo flowed freely! Although sleep and I are not the best of friends right now, I did get up early on this fall back day and launched into the studio. I had the whole house, office, studio and warehouse to myself. I could run from here to there and no one stopped me or put a curve in the tracks I was making. I beaded, painted, drew and made chicken soup. I watched a couple of recorded TV shows, went to the grocery and worked in the flower bed in front of the studio. ( Oh please tell me why it is only the weeds growing, still growing, at this time of the year. ) I napped briefly during the news and then drove to the shop to fuss around and place out the three concrete crows I recently finished painting.

I had a great day. Now, don't get me wrong universe. I do not want to be alone every day, without my family here but it certainly was luscious to indulge myself and move only at my pace.

Here are a few of my latest sketchbook entries. You know, the little book I draw in while watching the telly. I am learning to embrace the illustrative side of myself. The part of me that my art school teachers said to abandon. Well, now I am abandoning it - abandoning that part of me with joy!