Monday, October 12, 2015

Falling into Fall Love

Fall is moving in for its' months long visit and I am loving the warn, sometimes clear days that slide into a cool night. In early evening, fog rises up from the fields near the county airport and I feel as if I have been transported to another time and place. The darker early evenings now allow me to plug in my blue and white Christmas lights outside that wrap my front porch. The steady glow and color of the lights makes me feel warm, happy, content.

This past weekend was one of surprise visits from friends and family. Mike and Julie were up from the Tacoma area in their RV and stayed at Point Hudson where the water provides days of rest, relaxation and entertainment. Julie made apple cake with cream cheese frosting for us that just filled our souls and bellies with the flavors of fall.
We went to a wedding reception tea party at the beautifully remodeled boy scout log cabin house. The venue was filled with music, food, joy, flowers and white tea candles. Lita had driven over from east of the mountains and we needled her into spending the night at our house so we could visit and chat and watch ghost stories on television. Jacob and his girlfriend stopped in to greet Lita and we all spoke of our weekend adventures into the mid Sunday evening.

Finally, today, after much nagging and barking, Clementine was able to convince me to head to the studio where she happily slept the day away while I made jewelry. Finishing up the evening was a pot of homemade chicken noodle soup and as a friend posted on Facebook about her grandmother wearing aprons; I realized I too had on an apron. That apron brought me around to my own grandmom and the aprons she wore as she cooked and baked and for the briefest of time; I was transported back to her  kitchen and the smells of her applesauce spice raisin cake. The circle was completed today and I go to bed tonight in the embrace of friendship, family and love.