Monday, August 22, 2016

So I am very tired tonight and I am trying to type this in the near dark of my dining room. I am a terrible typist and at this moment; I have spent as much time backing up in my sentences to correct them as type them to begin with!

I have spent part of this evening posting to my boards on Pinterest and on Instagram. I like Pinterest where I can see a collection of my pictures all together. I would rather have them in a book so I can linger and lust over every single detail in the photos but storing them out in the great cyber universe is okay for now.

Fall needs to come on and get here. I am tired of summer's heat and the withering drying plants around my home. No amount of water seems to make them look lively again. They need fall and cooler temps.

Right now, my brain is crying for rest and maybe even sleep. Off I go. I am reading Vanity Fair magazine tonight. I forget how much I love that 'zine and how comforting it feels to hold it in my hands.
Flowers for Mo.

For her outta here party.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Off from the shop today, I got out to the studio early before it heated up from the summer sun. My laptop called to me but I ignored it. The song of the IPAD was also silenced by me too as I thought of just how warm my sweet place would be this afternoon. I am easily distracted however, by all the siren songs of the beads and glass and metal in the room. It is as if they are all talking to me at one time; wanting me to put my hands to them and create. Reshape. Design. An insulated world not responding to all the outside stimuli. Peace amongst the noise and then bursts of staccato creativity and ideas!

Here is a sneak peak of what I did today.......

Glued bails to some dichroic pendants. All glittery silver finery!

A finished necklace with handmade glass beads and Czech glass.

A closeup!
Sterling silver and blue-purple glass are a favorite combination.

Sputnik beads!

I am having blogging issues at the moment and can not figure out how to get my cursor ( CURSES! ) to the other side of the page to add more text so for now I will so long! Have a great evening.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Retired. Are you going to? When are you? I hear it now on an almost daily basis. I will be 60 this November and although I do not think I have yet shouted it from the rooftops or written it in spray paint on the sidewalks; everyone seems to know it. Is it the gray hair that is putting out the 60 message? Is it the ever thickening waistline? Hmpf. I don't know but how can anyone ask about my retirement when I have never felt like I was working? I love what I do even on the days I am cranky. I like making stuff and selling the stuff I make. It is all I ever wanted to do when I grew up. I would tell people I would be a movie star or an artist when I grew up and look at me now - I am both. I am the star of my dog and pony show, the entertainment for the customers who walk in my shop door, the laugh of their day, the kindness that greets them in a stage presentation on the sales floor. I am the artist who makes the jewelry, crafts the things that people purchase. I do it all in an art way; from merchandising to display to little decorated tags. Whoever said make a job doing something you love and you'll never work a day in your life was absolutely right! I play. I chat. I smile. I create. I design. I dream. I make stuff. I sell stuff and I love it. Retire? No, I am not thinking of it!

My oldest son and me at the place we began.