Monday, April 27, 2015

The other day I was grooving in the shop wearing my brand new 100% cotton, bateau neckline, three quarter length sleeve, lightly striped tunic tee shirt. I felt as if I were on vacation on the Mediterranean Coast. Feeling summery and happy and loving what I do for a living and playing in the shop when someone said to me, " Is that a new shirt? " I smiled and said, " Yes! Isn't it great! Only four dollars at the thrift shop! What a find! " She looked at me and said, " I think you must be very brave. " I had to stop and think for a moment. She actually was thinking that here I was, a slightly larger woman wearing horizontal stripes! Oh my! The universe is collapsing and folding in upon itself. Stripes! On someone not at all thin! Was I being brave? No, I was loving me, loving the shirt I was wearing and feeling good. I told her, " If you've got it; flaunt it. "

Would we say something like this to a thin woman? " Those vertical stripes make you look like a flagpole...."  or to a man, " Wow, those stripes accentuate your belly. " No, people feel it is okay to insult a bigger woman. The last legal discrimination. Just when you think we as a society are moving forward; we really are not. What would you have done?

By the way, I am wearing that shirt again this week. What's even better? I have it in two other colors, too. HAHAHHAHA