Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ompa Loompa - the color I wore today

Grape hyacinths adorn the hillside behind my shop.

I had an absolutely lovely day today. Partially because the sun was out of course, after yesterday's drenching rains and ice pellets, light from the sky alone, was enough to make it a lovely day. More than that, it was one of those days where things seem to fall into place and all is right with the world and people are in a good mood and the vibe hanging in the air is one of renewal and spring reawakening. A trumpet sounds and the earth springs awake and becomes friend to the sky and people respond with laughter and kindness. Amazing, simply amazing.

First off, my friend Dale has agreed to join me in a gallery venture and in June we hope to open the 940 Gallery and exhibit our work, he photography and me paintings, permanently in our own space! I have been too long away from the painting world and now, I have a gallery space urging me on to painting, finishing a body of work. My artist's soul feels reborn! I could dance with inspiration and tomorrow I will think of what needs to be done to make the space into a gallery. For tonight, I will celebrate a gallery   and an opportunity to do what passionately moves me.

I had lunch with Marlene and although it was not nearly as long and lingering as I would have liked, it was wonderful to have her back in town! Six weeks on the road was TOO long, Marlene! I missed you my salad with yogurt dill dressing buddy!

I hired someone for the yarn shop and I think she will be terrific! I knew there would be a person nearby that would want to be a diva in the shop along with the rest of us and I am delighted it is Rebecca!

Finally, I tried on a ring that my jeweler friend Jeff bought for $ 75,000! He strolled into the shop so casually with his dog, Bunny and said I have something you might like to see; five carats of gorgeously stunning diamond. Yum - delight.

Some days are like this, magical little things happen and I ma rejoicing in life and sun and people diamonds. Blessings and gratitude, those are the words today and really, everyday.
That incredible diamond temporarily on my finger.