Thursday, March 23, 2017

Still making awesome and creative charm bracelets and although they are not always in my shop; I am entertaining  the idea of adding them into my long neglected easy store.

When I think of all the ways, primarily on line, that I can access my customers, I am exhausted, frustrated and uneducated. I am a child of the 1970's and computers were not even in the forecast for this old lady dinosaur. I need a crash course in getting everything, everywhere on line.

There is so much merchandise in my shop that I could show you! I carry japanese indigo fabrics, cotton slug fabrics, original Bali cotton batiks, yarns, fibers, buttons, trims, ribbon, beads, beads, beads and all kinds of charms from my own designs to manufactured designs. All charms made in the USA. I could tell you stories, show you technique, teach you stitches and so much more but where will the time be found and what will you want to learn and see.

Tonight, my mind races in a thousand directions and they are not all points of light. Everything seems tall, unclimbable. The journey of this creative soul has become so much more than opening the doors of my shops and doing business. My paintings so much more than mere wall ornaments.

Sigh… I am running out of steam so I think I must go read this week's People magazine and call it quits for this day.

Good night all.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Things are turning to spring now especially after this nergetic sunny day. I pulled a few, very few weeds, took pictures, opened the blinds to the office and worked out there and even had a bit of time in the studio. Being in a bit of a funk, I comforted myself with some Cheetos. Ick. Now, the day is nearly done and already I am planning my shop day tomorrow. Display windows need chanfging, repair work needs to be done, trunk show merchandise needs to be priced. Here are a few photos of today's mostly mundane non adventures.... oops. Can not add pictures from my FB page do I will try again later!