Friday, January 25, 2013

IN all the hustle of planning for the Tucson show and all the busyness that comes with working towards a big event, I decided that I needed part of a day off. Telling Phil I want some time off away from the house means to him a trip to Costco. It is one of his favorite places. As for me, I can take the newspaper and sit in the snack area and have a very berry sundae. Shopping in a warehouse store is not my idea of an adventure but I do love me some quiet time in a noisy place.

Driving around Sequim I was able to take a few pictures. I love how pretty the countryside there is. Especially the parts that have not become covered with urban sprawl, all big box stores and chain restaurants. My ex in laws settled this town after arriving from Indiana and Pennsylvania in covered wagons. I often wonder what they would think of their old homestead now if they saw what I see as corruption of a once fine landscape of farms and wild open spaces leading to foothills leading to the majestic Olympic Mountains. The mountains remain as strong and beautiful as ever, calling me into their white veiled winter. Following here are some pictures from my day out.

So much rain that the barn roof is moss green with moss!

Glacial rocks? Rock cache?

Bush covered in moss.

The Olympics looking like the jagged peaks in a child's

A green, green farm field in winter's January.

The road to the peaks.

Brush by the roadside.