Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Oh my! I almost missed my blogoversary today! Happy blog anniversary! I used to write all the time in journals, filling page after page of life as it lived me. Now, with this on line blog-journal, I write here. Maybe it is not as blunt as the writing would be if only I was reading my story but it is written nonetheless. Once in awhile, I even think about what I am going to write before I sit at the computer. It is amazing to me, this journey we all take from birth to death and all the days in between. I am a blessed and grateful woman that does what she loves to do and loves to pieces her family and friends. Here's to another year of adventures in life, a journey to self. Damn girl, let's have fun1
Lovely picture
Yes! Obama is president for four more years! Amazing! This night has been just amazing and I can breathe again! Thank you! Now, let's get to work and make our elected officials, all of them, work together for the betterment of ALL of us. America is good!