Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This is Why

Seeing deer resting quiet and still in an uptown yard without anyone bothering them is one of the many reasons I love living here in Port Townsend, peace is found in the normal-est of places.
After a couple of days of spring like weather, we are returning to rain and wind. We are not getting the kinds of storms we receive in the winter but it does make me like to be indoors. I was able to get out of the shop early today so I had a couple of hours to spend with Jake without electronic intrusions. We ended up having ice cream together downtown and then strolled the aisles of Goodwill where Jake looked at - what else - electronics. Anytime, my teenager says he wants to or is willing to be with me, I am going to take him up on it!

Just before the wind came up tonight I ran outside in the fading light of a gloomy spring afternoon and snapped some pictures from my sketchbook.
I suspect that some of these flowers will become charms.

A night time revelry. 
I am still enraptured with drawings done in black and white. I like being made to show color and contrast with a mix of textures and pattern. My mind wanders in the evenings and I think it ends up in a world of Lois vision. All pattern and fantastical flowers, whimsy and line. This whole little world created in my sketchbook as my mind drifts into dreamland and I am called to sleep.