Thursday, February 9, 2012

Home Now

Sigh, I am home now. Free of all the jumbles and jangles and noise and shopping excitement of Tucson. Two sleeping dogs lie at my feet, a gentle snoring fills the air. Rain is coming down softly, a breeze lifts the branches of the trees and I can hear the pat, pitter, pat of rain in the gutter running down the side of my house. It feels good to be here, attending to business, laundry and other matters at hand. Soon I will stop for a salad and then head to the studio where I am going to shut myself in and rummage in my creativity until I come up with something I so want to do. I have much to tell you about my adventures down south, much to say about the show, much to share on life lessons learned and the splendid time I had with my brother and his wife and visits with friends from Hawaii and Ohio. Right now I am just going to post the pictures of little origami creatures that my granddaughter Ashley made while she housesat for us and took care of Jake. She hid them around and I am so absolutely delighted in finding these sweet little birds and animals! What a beautiful young woman she is! What a pleasure, an absolutely astounding pleasure to have her in my life!