Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ready, Set.....

Things are packed and in boxes. The last of the new charm designs arrived yesterday and I spent this evening pricing them for Tucson. There are so many new designs on my table this year I feel as if I am a new artist showing my work for the first time. I am bringing some of my sterling silver charms and some of the other silver jewelry I have made, even some of my cuffs and bangles. I am going to miss my buddies from previous years' shows as they have moved on to another Tucson venue. Other friends have decided not to return at all after last years' slower sales. This makes me a teensy bit sad but it also feels as if doors are opening and change is in the air. I am looking forward to seeing my brother, Bob and his wife Barb. I love my east coast friends coming in to do the shows both as shoppers and vendors. Janet is coming just to hang out. Fun! I am going to work in my journals and sketchbooks while I am there and finish a knitting project or two. A drive to Bisbee where we are going to look at commercial properties for sale should be fun, too. Who knows what tomorrow holds? All I know for certain, is we did get a fabulous deal on airfare, hotel and car rental. My best friend, aka my husband and I will be having some fun in the sun!
This is a real bird with real blue feet. How cool!

Tribal pearls.

Toggles in bronzes.

Affirmation charm.