Friday, July 31, 2015

Even as I sit in my newly air conditioned home; I am longing for fall. For cooler days, bright, crisp, cloud filled skies and rain! I have so missed the rain. We are lingering in a heavy brown, dry drought. It is sad to see all the brown and I hope what I am seeing are dormant plants, grasses and trees; not things that will never spring back to life once we get rain. If, we get rain. I am feeling like the rain is a far away, nearly lost friend that I can't quite reach out to.

All these years of living here and this is the first time my home has ever been air conditioned. Never needed it here as we had our reliable breezes off the strait waters every day and the skies were filled with rain, cooling rain. Now, with this the hottest summer on record, I am feeling decadent and indulged with air conditioning. Two pregnant summers here and I never had the need for this a/c. Climate change is definitely rearing its ugly head. I am mad about climate change and I can make adjustments in my life to help diminish these changes but my impact is so minimal on the big picture. Must not let myself get into this spiral of anxiety and change coming to the world through climate change. Just breathe.

Anyhow, I am inside making treasure tubes for the lobby shop. After 23 plus years of having the shop, I have bits of this and that left around so I fill tubes for embellishing projects. I could just dump things into the big tubes but no, I have to make them just so! Color families, complimentary textures, some of the beads, a few buttons, bits of ribbon and yarn, leftover fabric; give me such pleasure. Pleasure I am now sharing and selling to my customers. Incidentally, I have a name for the lobby shop now after 13, 14 ? years..... Embellishments, The Lobby Shop. A name just to the point.

I am cool, content, feeling creative so it must be time for a knitting break. Happy Blue Moon on this sizzling
Today in the dining room.
A close up. $ 4.95 a tube! 

Monday, July 13, 2015

So it is summer. Days of intense, surrounding heat have finally given way to some cooler temperatures and a bit of rain. I miss the rain and I can not stop staring at the clouds! Clouds vanish from the sky most summer days and I swear if I lived in New Mexico; I would never stop looking at the sky. Deja vu!

I work a lot in the shop these days and when I am not being all people centered there; I can be found in the studio making the jewelry to fill in the spaces that jewelry has sold from in the shop. I love all the excitement and stories in the air from the people visiting town. It's like a little party every day in a place I like to be - the bead shop!

Cherries are another good thing about summer! I can eat them for every snack and at every meal. I could turn into a cherry for how many I have eaten and lusted after. Tonight's dinner was loaded with fresh vegetables from the Sunday Chimicum farmer's market and the green beans were an absolute delight!

I am leaving you all now for a nice long sleep this night . In closing, here are a few pictures of what is transpiring here.