Saturday, May 18, 2013

My head is a swirl of thoughts this morning as I still lay here in bed with my laptop, posting away, knowing I am late to begin the day.

Today would be my mom's 84th birthday if she were still with me. I think of her so much of the time and wonder if she still thinks of me wherever she spends her time now. I want to believe she is  happy, smiling, being with those that have gone before her and that she must have loved immensely. I hunger to hear her voice, and find myself saying my name as she would say to me when calling me.

" LoisAnn " All one word. In anger and impatience, in love and comfort. Always I hear her. I miss her.
My mom in her twenties.

My mother, my baba and me in the late 1970's. I miss all three of us.