Sunday, November 20, 2016


I certainly intend to write more in the coming days and months but for now I am trying to find my center as I reel in the results of our recent election. I, along with the rest of the world ( except maybe Russia ) will need to worry over the coming days and plan for the worst while hoping for the best. I am reaching down, deep in my very soul to find hope and courage, conviction and love and it is a little dark in there now. Stay tuned and when I can again feel; I will write again. Peace out my friends, peace within.

Friday, November 4, 2016


On Tuesday, Phil was inspired to clean out the garage attic under the pretenses of organizing it and
" finding something. " He came out to the studio with a large blue plastic storage tote and when we opened it; I was struck by memories and youth and young children and a life lived long past.

Inside were quilts of old fabric, all carefully hand stitched and pieced. Fabrics that I recognized were from the 1930's and even earlier. Other quilt tops that I had marked and cut into Christmas stockings and tree skirts. These cloth treasures were found almost 30 years ago when a girlfriend and I would send the kids off to school and then hop into her Toyota 4Runner and drive around the Virginia country side from junk store to antique store searching out things to make and remake into things for our homes and families. Our kids were young and so were we. We would laugh and pick over things, ever mindful of the clock and when we got home; we'd spend the time talking about our finds and the things we would do with them. I miss my girlfriend. She left us just as she was planning on moving closer to us here in Port Townsend. Suddenly, without warning in the middle of plans; she was gone.

I don't think I have made things like I did way back then. My life has been consumed with divorce, remarrying, having a surprise child and beginning a business. In my heart I feel a little ache, a little sorrow for the young woman I was then. I barely scratched the surface of that life before I was swept along into a new one. I miss those afternoons in Deb's kitchen and my dining room. We talked so much. I was never closer to anyone. Memories I will treasure the rest of my days and even now I can close my eyes and see our kids, running around in the yard, playing while we dreamed and made memories for each other. Quilts of life, many colors, memories and friendship joys.

This quilt wears sneakers.