Thursday, June 21, 2012

I find that I actually miss it when the blogs I follow don't post anything for awhile or worse yet, a long while. So I am going to try and post more regularly especially when I have the afternoon off to be in the studio and I am still awake and not at all falling asleep at the keyboard, which I manage to do most evenings.

Nothing much exciting here in and about the studio today. I am doing a bunch of pricing of all the new things that  I bought or traded for at the Bead & Button show plus pricing new inventory that has arrived from overseas. Phil has been crazybusy, and yes, I meant to say that as one word, reorganizing the warehouse. I thought it looked pretty good but evidentially, I was wrong. I haven't even ventured a look out there today because I know, just absolutely know, that I will not be able to find a thing. Sigh.

Anyhow, I thought I'd post a few pictures of what I have been doing around here today besides writing tons of price tags. I keep telling myself as soon as the pricing is done, I will reward myself with something fun to do like bead embroidery or sewing on my latest banner or drawing or almost anything but pricing! I even tried to do some laundry, that's how desperate I am to get away from pricing.

This is the red tail hawk that was hunting in our yard this
afternoon. He caught and lost a rabbit. 

These are two of the three crows that pestered and pestered him.

Then after sitting on the fence post for ages he hopped down and casually
strolled to the wild blackberry cluster to look for the rabbit.
I think I must have taken a gazillion and twelve pictures of him ( or her ) as she tried to ignore the crows, keep an eye on me and look for the rabbit. I could walk within three feet of this hawk and he just watched me. I have not been that close to one before except at the raptor center. I was certainly able to waste time for about 45 minutes!

 Earlier this morning I walked around pulling a few weeds here and there, and decided that my yellow lavender looked particularly pretty standing alongside the purple, so I took pictures for awhile there, too. 

Spud came to visit and had me all to himself, which he usually does not,  having to share me with Daisy and Jesse but he did manage to scarf down four large milk bones and then told me he needed, truly needed, more! 

And now nearly an hour has elapsed and I have managed to update my blog but make no further progress on pricing. So off I go to the studio!