Sunday, May 20, 2012

The 940 Gallery

The gallery has been coming together and last week, my partner Dale Klein, arranged and hung my paintings and his hand painted photographs. Phil has installed lighting and used energy efficient bulbs: LED's and fluorescents. The carpet has been cleaned, the walls painted, one sign is made and more to come. We are hoping for a grand opening during July's gallery walk.

I had to open this gallery. HAD TO. I needed to reaffirm myself as a painter, an artist who creates because she has to. I am so delighted that Dale is on this journey with me. It is a risk, as always to open any business, anytime but if nothing is risked, there can be no chance for gain. The last few years,when I  did not own or exhibit in a gallery, I felt out of touch with a large portion of my soul. I was wandering. Something was lost. I created new paintings and drawings only to squirrel them away in my portfolios. Never to see the light of day, perhaps, with no exhibits planned, no gallery available to show my work. The financial side is a bit scary but the deepest parts of my soul that longs to simply paint, is finally feeling nurtured.

Here, then are the first pictures from the gallery.