Friday, August 10, 2012

Hands are so important.....

I am working in the shop on a daily basis but things have ground to a halt in the studio. I have injured the middle finger ( the BAD finger ) on my left hand and given myself tendonitis in my right lower arm. Such misery! I know, it is misery on a small scale and an inconvenience on a big scale but I have had to stop making everything and I can not even knit or crochet for the moment. My Diva yarn shop will be without samples for awhile. I always look for the silver lining and believe that everything happens for a reason so I am trying to look at all of this as a time for some kind of spiritual growth. I have been lucky to have sold so much jewelry in the last few months that I made more, lots more,  causing the tendonitis. Good for making a living, bad for the arm.

The middle finger thing is because I have osteoarthritis in the top joints of many of my fingers, caused by years of over use and I whacked this finger good a few weeks ago. This caused the joint to leak fluid that belongs inside - outside. The end result? It must be fixed and I will know more after seeing the hand surgeon on Monday.

So I can not knit while watching TV, can not make more jewelry to replace pieces sold in the shop, can barely type on this laptop and of course, no silver work!

Am I  a normal person who just sits and watches TV or reads? My hands are idle. Idleness does not make Lois happy. Sigh. I am whining but just for a moment. Bear with me. I am on a hand vacation!