Sunday, June 24, 2012

A friend's visit is so good for the soul. Lita came over from her mid eastern Washington town for a visit today and we ran around doing all the things we seldom have time for. We strolled the streets of Port Townsend, popping in and out of the shops, had lunch at the LightHouse Cafe, where Tom makes the best tuna sandwiches, played in the studio, went to the beach, had dinner, danced around my shops after closing, had an ice cream and ended the day back at the beach watching the sky turn towards night over Whidbey Island. What a blast to laugh and laugh! Friendship is timeless, accepting, comforting and loving. No judgements, no stress, just laughter, fun and embracing.

Pictures from today - missing from above

Port Townsend Bay
Lita in the Adams Street Park. The roses were so heavenly scented!
Newly uncovered graffiti under the Admiralty apartment building sidewalk.