Monday, September 10, 2012

I am embarrassed to say that I have not changed my display windows since mid summer. I liked the things on display in there. The beach glass, rocks, shells, and wooden boats were all so summer in Port Townsend. Each week I would think, I should change that window but then I would look at it, all the work involved and cleaning and say, " well, the beach scene is right for this time of year " or
" all the jewelry is perfectly colored for summer " but at long last - it had to be changed. Little wooden boats were prominently featured in the window and since the wooden boat festival was this past weekend... well, you get my drift. Things had to go. Beach season had to go. The tiny adirondack chairs with their lazily draped, sun hatted wooden men, had to go. Now we are in a transitional window shoulder season kind of display. It is not summer and not yet fall. I present to you -"  the mid September - summer is pretty much gone and I am not ready to display fallen leaves " display windows.