Sunday, April 22, 2012

This Afternoon

I know that I should have been in the studio all day making new jewelry, experimenting with the new clay, trying out my new silversmithing tools BUT, it was so pretty and warm and sunny and delightful outside that we HAD to spend the bigger part of the afternoon at the beach. Right now, I am posting on line and Phil is trimming my herbs in the garden and the gentle scent of lavender is drifting in through the open deck door. I am relaxed and sleepy feeling drenched with the sunshine and pleasant day I have had. Let me share my afternoon with you.
A portion of a structure that washed up on the beach.

Phil surfing a board.

East Beach on Marrowstone Island. 

The actual beach surface showing smaller rocks. There were also areas of large round rocks.

Someone built a little hideaway on the beach!

Big root ball from a very big tree.

The bluffs, sloughing down towards the beach.

A barnacle encrusted clam shell. We call these big babies -
horse clams. 

Finally our found treasure - beach glass!