Monday, August 22, 2016

So I am very tired tonight and I am trying to type this in the near dark of my dining room. I am a terrible typist and at this moment; I have spent as much time backing up in my sentences to correct them as type them to begin with!

I have spent part of this evening posting to my boards on Pinterest and on Instagram. I like Pinterest where I can see a collection of my pictures all together. I would rather have them in a book so I can linger and lust over every single detail in the photos but storing them out in the great cyber universe is okay for now.

Fall needs to come on and get here. I am tired of summer's heat and the withering drying plants around my home. No amount of water seems to make them look lively again. They need fall and cooler temps.

Right now, my brain is crying for rest and maybe even sleep. Off I go. I am reading Vanity Fair magazine tonight. I forget how much I love that 'zine and how comforting it feels to hold it in my hands.
Flowers for Mo.

For her outta here party.

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