Monday, July 21, 2014

Normal in Time

It is the night time, as I  first lay down in bed that it comes to me. It with a large capital I. I have a heart problem. I am learning how to deal with it, examine it, let go of the fear. I can not live being afraid. I must trust that either I can handle this or that all will be eventually well. This is not what I expected. I did not plan for this but in all it's great wisdom, the universe has assigned me this challenge to what? Awaken me. Remind me of the short sweetness of life. To teach me patience and acceptance. This journey has begun and the possibility exists that it will be at the very least interesting. I can now say it out loud, I have a heart problem and I am dealing with it. I am loving myself. Being kind to myself. Passing along to myself the words of comfort and love I would extend to anyone else in the same situation. Fear shall not rule me.