Saturday, June 30, 2012

June. Could this possibly be the last day of June? Already? The month has flown by in days laden with work both in the shops and around the house. I have been spending some time this month weeding my gardens and flower beds and although my back screams at me each time a bit of work is done, I like the accomplishment I feel pulling weeds. Honestly though, I have given over much of our acre to weeds, some quite pretty in their own right, so why can't they stay out of my designated flower areas?
A thistle type flower in the glowing color of tanzanites.

My new sewing area is all set up in the classroom above the bead shop now. I have a new comfy, rolling, swivel chair, floor mat and lighting. I am ready to begin sewing banners for craft booths of fellow vendors and all this wonderfully strange quilt fiber-y pieces dancing around in my head.

I've also managed to finish several small paintings inspired in part by more hidden under the dock graffiti in the construction areas of Port Townsend.

Look quick, this artwork will soon be under cover again.

Next up on the new month of July's to do list? Gallery Walk and a grand opening of The 940 Gallery. Just a few more pictures to hang and we will be ready! Until next time on this blog when I will have more pictures to post, happy end of June - beginning of July!