Sunday, January 18, 2015

Today, Busy as a Bee

Working at the shop, getting ready for Tucson and still trying to be creative has kept me very busy since the holidays. I actually love doing all this and am ever so grateful that I get to make my living by being creative. I have fantasies of living off in the woods by myself in a cozy cabin with a big studio and having no place to go and just making things. Isolation when it comes to being creative and thinking through the whole design process appeals to me. I like being around people, that's part of the reason I love working in my shop, but I crave alone time too. 

Soon all will be crazy as I immerse myself in Tucson and all that it is. Friends, gems, jewelry, gathering, selling, buying, eating, sitting in some sunshine, walking near the dessert; I can hardly wait! Until then here are today's finished works.