Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A shop shot.
Now comes deep summer, when I find myself up early and working in the studio, in the shop all day and up late at night doing paper and on line work. These are full days. 
I do miss hanging out at home though. Playing with the dogs, watching their antics and cooking a meal every now and then. We eat a lot of sandwiches. Sometimes it is as if I stand outside myself and watch what I am doing. I get organized and actually get more things done. Sadly, I do not get time to just sit and watch the world go by. A creative person, an artist must have contemplation time but winter really is just around summer's back door and time will once again stretch out longingly on those cold afternoons.

Daisy entertaining me.
Anyhow, the days move forward in a whirl of activity and creativeness. People come in and out of the shops, the phone rings, beads are fondled, merchandise arrives and is placed out, a pause is taken to look at a new book and so on and so on. Groovy, groovy so on. Hello summer visitor season!