Sunday, April 13, 2014

This day began in beauty. A warm bright sun, birds singing, the air smelling as sweet and fresh as I have ever noticed. Tulips bloomed in my front flower bed along with the long dormant heather nestled beside the alder tree. We strolled the beach on Marrowstone Island after a wonderful family breakfast, all three of us at the dining room table, something very difficult to do with our busy schedules.

A driftwood collection, soldiers at attention.

The beach.

One person's route from bluff top to beach.

Otter having lunch and play.
Ravens varnished, drying in the sun.
The late afternoon was spent in the studio making a few things for the shop and alternatively speaking with the neighbor about lawns and trees and dogs and other neighborhood things. After 17 years of living in this place, we only know most of the neighbors enough to wave a quick hello but Larry is our neighborhood sage, a wealth of local knowledge and story. A trip into the shop tonight to tidy things and then on the drive home stopping to watch the neighborhood deer walk off into the tall grass where they sleep at night. A full moon beckons to me, making me awake to all the sounds the night brings. It is difficult to call the day an end, wanting to stay up and do and make and knit but my body says sleep. An end it must be called and off to perhaps dream a plan for tomorrow's studio day.
Earrings made today.

So with most things, paint and beads must be put away. Sunshine is due tomorrow and I have plans, pretty firm plans to sit somewhere in the sun and knit.