Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fear & Embrace

It is somewhat to my shame that I have to admit that I am a Dancing With the Stars fan. The show makes me smile the entire time I watch it even though it must be viewed on my DVR as the commercial interruptions and yak yak yakking of the female host are too much for me. Anyhow, the contestant voted off on Tuesday night was Sherry Shephard and in her parting tearful speech, she said something that struck a nerve with me. " If something scares you, makes you fearful, run towards it because once you are on the other side, it's great. " I did paraphrase here but I like the thought that if I am afraid of something I should run towards it, embrace it and come out on the other side a better person.

I have an opportunity to do something in 2013, not a big something, but it scares me, makes me wonder if I can do it, fulfill my obligations, learn from the experience, enjoy it, become better for it. I am going to run towards it, court it, embrace it and grow with the opportunity. I don't mean to be mysterious here, it is too early to speak of it, but divine providence lead me here and let me absorb Sherry's message and by golly, I am going for it!