Monday, January 30, 2017

Today was my fifth day in Tucson and finally, the sun has agreed to share some warmth with the temperatures rising to the 70's. After a morning spent gem shopping, hugging friends and an adventurous  lunch, we made our way to an old friend's home in a part of Tucson that most people do not visit. Once upon a time, this area was considered outside the city limits, rural even but you would not know it today. I love it. It feels old, mid century modern. Lots of gnarly trees, low brick houses, adobe fences. There was the beautiful cooing of doves as we sat on the patio and the sun making dappling shadows across our arms and foreheads. Restful and peaceful, conversations light and easy and the day became evening and evening drifted into dinnertime, more conversation, a look at the moon and Venus and little bowls filled twice with chocolate ice cream.