Friday, December 9, 2011

Things change so fast. Children grow, pets come and go, life passes on by and friendships change. This time of the year always gives me pause for reflection. I look at where I have been, what I have accomplished, how my family is and where I stand in my community, my life and my career. I mentally begin the list for the coming year of the changes I want to make and see in my life. I alter my mind set and tell myself to embrace change, that it is good and will make me a stronger, happier, better person. As I have grown up and become the woman I am today, I have to say that I like me. I am not perfect but I am honest and loving, caring and devoted, generous and kind. These things I do not want to change. My life is an open book, a journal that I write in daily and share with others willingly. I have always felt that knowing people and speaking with them, broadens my horizons and allows me an inner peace as I strive for growth in my relationships. Friend deserve 100% of my devotion for they are an extension of my family, the chocolate sprinkles on the ice cream of my day.  I like to think that family extends to everyone I regularly spend time with.

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