Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Today found me running around like a disheveled mad woman as I raced to make appointments, pick up Jake from school, run errands, do the housework and laundry and finish up the day with a nice dinner. All of it was accomplished and I am looking forward to the next hour or so of sitting in front of the television and turning off my mind and settling into the " zone ".

The Christmas tree.

What a beauty, tree and dog.

She is trying so hard to sit still for this picture.
The holidays add so much to my to do list and although I love the lights and trees, gifts and gatherings, I am feeling sorely pressed for quality me time. My studio calls to me to create and organize. Daisy nuzzles under my elbow as I work at my bench all the while she is saying, " come play with me, throw that ball, rub my belly... ". Jake says I am out of touch and as I stare off into space simply because there is too much in my head, I think of warm, sunny days lying on the beach near a grass shack as the ocean waves play along the edges of the shore. Fantasy and daydreaming becomes my refuge! How about you?

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