Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Today is the winter solstice and we celebrated with a little party at my home. Did I manage to take any pictures? Of course not. I was having too much fun! Laughing, talking, telling stories and eating. Sometimes it is just nice to gather and have time to sit and talk. Thank you Yvonne for the sparkling wine, even though you were not here and thank you Phil, for my favorite white zin. What great company everyone was. I am grateful for the light we brought into the solstice evening. 
A customer walked into the shop the other Saturday evening carrying this little silver tree and I almost jumped on her; I loved it at first sight. She had just purchased it down the street in a consignment shop and offered to trade it to me for beads. That sounded like a great idea to me so now the little tree rests in my living room all ready for the holiday! When Michelle came into the house this evening the first thing she said was how she always wanted a silver tree. Great minds think alike.

I also spent some time working for Gina in her candy shop this week, too. A nice but dangerous change of pace from the bead store. Dangerous, you say? Yes, I say because candy and chocolate are my downfall. I am powerless in its wake. I surrender to it constantly even when I shouldn't. But it IS the holidays I tell myself. So while I wait for Christmas to arrive on this solstice evening, I will look at my little sparkly silver tree and think of chocolate kisses. 

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