Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is all around me. The stockings are hung, the tree decorated, gifts have mysteriously shown up on the tree skirt in the last few days and I am relaxing in the living room. The shopping is done both for my family and customers, as we closed up shop today around three. I am astounded by how comfortable everything feels right now and how very contented I am. In a few days things will change and once again I will be busy making things and getting ready for the big Tucson show. But for this moment, this space in time, this quiet Christmas Eve, I just want to say how much everyone has come to mean to me and how blessed I feel in your friendship, my family, my community, my career, my shop. May this season of peace bring you a season of love and comfort. Much love.

Christmas Eve Sky.
The tree. Mmm, the house smells great! 

Daisy and tree. 

Jake and dad in a quiet moment of companionship

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