Sunday, December 18, 2011

This Time

This time of the year, I give myself free time. The few days before Christmas and the week after, I do not rush around the studio making things or writing orders or doing paperwork. I let myself have time to linger with customers at the shop, having conversations and remarking about holiday plans. I also take the time to finish up little things that during the normal course of days, I do not have the time to do. So today, I worked on Christmas cards and finished them!

Christmas greetings.

Then, after the red and green note writing in the cards, I worked on my journals. I have been keeping a combination of journal- scrapbooks since high school. Too many years and books to count. So today I collected up everything I had saved to put in them, clippings of obituaries, birthday cards, horoscopes, pretty postcards and pasted them all in the journals along with little comments and memories. I don't think I have allowed myself the sheer luxury of doing this since at least March. My fist posting was the sympathy card Marlene sent me when my beloved Regina dog died. It is amazing to me the things I have saved since then that documented my days and therefore my life.

Journals on my desk top.

Now, this evening I feel accomplished and contented that this things are done. The holiday cards written and mailed, the journals all up to date. Next we will see about finishing some of the things I began in the last few months that are fun. No other purpose than just for me because it was and is fun.

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