Sunday, August 7, 2011

It is ever so quiet in the house at this moment in lazy Sunday time. The sun is out, a breeze is blowing and I can hear the occasional soft drone of the airplane flying over head from the airport below me. Jake is at a friend's place down the street and at any moment I expect he and Ben to come flying in to play video games or be on the computer or to eat and eat and eat until the cupboards and fridge echo with emptiness.  I do not think I have ever been around a teenager that eats as much as Jake and he seems to grow taller by the hour. Even a close friend, visiting from Panama said, " geez, Jake I haven't seen you since Tuesday and you look two inches taller already! " Amazing this teenage growth. At once I love him to pieces and don't want him to change or leave or move away from me physically or mentally and the next, go, young man, go. Since he was first born, I always thought he was adult who could not wait to get out of his stuck little baby body. I will lose him a bit more this fall when he starts the 9th grade in a public school. Oh, how I wish I had Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility so I could follow him throughout his day and watch him. Be protective, save him from the roughness of the adolescent world. I suppose all moms feel this way and it is part of the needed separation from teenager to adult. Still, my heart just aches at the tenderness and sadness of our little partings now and the big parting down the road a few years from now.

Jacob and Lisa working on Lisa's new Mac. How hard is Lisa working with
that bottle of beer in one hand, I wonder. 

Anyhow I have a much needed day off, out of the shop to catch up on jewelry making. I have been fortunate to be selling many of the pieces I have made over the past winter. My new things are well received and I am very happy. However, this business of working e-v-e-r-y single day this summer is exhausting, mentally and physically. Even on this day " off " my mind is still in the shop working and I can not seem to unwind or relax. I have a goal of making 30 pairs of furnace glass earrings for an empty rack and then I want to cut out a nice thick cross for casting. It should all keep me busy today when all I really want to do is watch a good movie and veg out; still my hands, still my mind, breathe deeply and maybe even doze off! On that zzz note, I will close for now and be back when something other than a sleepy Lois is ready to show you some real WORK! xo

One old Jesse dog trying to sleep in the studio.

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