Saturday, August 13, 2011

Still the Heart of August

I am slow moving this morning and at the shop, they are probably wondering if I can ever show up on time. I was sucked into the facebook tunnel of entertainment this morning. First watching one video, then another, then greetings to the birthday people, general comments and hellos and now, it is 9:28 and I have to be at work ( or rather should be ) in the next hour at most.

Last night we went to the Jefferson County Fair here in Port Townsend and although it is one of the tiniest I have ever attended, I LOVE it. It lasts three days and Friday night it is tradition to go and see all your friends, neighbors and customers, and eat your way through the fair. Local teens spend the whole day and evening there, strolling from end to the other, being cool, hanging out, eating junk and buying cheap belts and trinkets with a slightly " rebel " edge. ( marijuana leaves on vinyl belts ) There are chickens and goats, dogs and cats, cows and horses, llamas and pigs with piglets. What more could you want on a summer evening? As the darkness comes upon us, the moon hangs nearly full in the sky and the soft sounds of local rock and roll fill the air, we say goodnight to all that is the fair.

Sunset from the Jefferson County Fair

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