Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Weekend Past

This weekend just flew pass in a blur of activity that has hit its mark and made me tired! My friend, Lisa of ZizzyZaZa Beads came over and we put on our much planned Port Townsend Bead Market. The weather was gorgeous, the crowds good and everyone that stopped by my display was in a great mood! Really, I could not wish for more. Lunch time came and I was able to get away and have hot dogs at the stand across the street. I tell you it was bliss to sit in the sun and eat hotdogs!

Setting up a show and co ordinating all the jobs that go with it is challenging. Plus, when you are a vendor, you are also getting your products ready to sell. Entertaining in the evening is a must, so we filled up on pizza, (Waterfront, of course ) and beer, laughed ourselves silly and let conversation flow wherever it wanted to go.

I am free from shows now until September and I am so looking forward to working in the shop and maybe catching up on a little journaling and painting.

Happy August!


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