Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nothing Much to Say

This is summer in the northwest for me. I am reading this book three pages at a time in the evenings just before I fall asleep. Written several decades ago during a time I actually entertained the idea of going to Alaska with my then boyfriend and working on the pipeline; I am hypnotized by lifestyles and places  contained with in. 
Isn't it an interesting journey, this life of ours. We could have done this and been there but instead we are here after having done that. What would life be like if you or I had made different choices? I left home within two years of graduating high school and have not looked back. Somewhere in my thoughts,  the family I left behind is still exactly in the same places, living the same lives as when I left. No one has died or changed or left. I am comforted by that as I move forward into my own days. I am not hurt anymore by their words or actions and the distance from them with the memories I have both good and bad exist in their own place so far away in miles and years. Still in sometimes late night dreams, I am among them again and moving in a different life. Maybe a life in Alaska in the late 70's. 

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