Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summertime Means ....

...production work for me or at least what I refer to as production work. Over the slower winter months, I design jewelry that I can make and sell in the shop on a regular basis. I can produce it without a whole lot of new technique or thought going into it and fill the displays. This does not mean that the work is substandard. It just means that in 15 minutes here, an hour there, I can make new things for sale. The new thoughts into new work for the next year, comes in the late fall and early winter when I prepare for the upcoming new shows. The work then morphs into shop work. Anyhow, all of this means that while my hands are producing this years' work, my mind is racing ahead to new things, new designs, new configurations, new metals to explore. Painting waits until the fall too when I can have an entire afternoon all languidly stretched out before me ( Jake in school ) to think and play and work. The noise in my life stops then for a precious few hours.

Bead table view. 

New beaded earrings and heart shape pendants. 
Today, on a warm summer afternoon, will also find me in the studio producing " production " work with maybe a hot tub or walk thrown in. What are your plans?

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