Monday, June 6, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I am packed! The clothes are all wrinkly rolled in their suitcase, the jewelry I will wear at the show weighs more than my make up, the knitting is nestled in its zippered pouch and I am feeling at once excited and sad that I am leaving. The house sitter, a long time friend is here and I know that Jake, the kitties and the dogs will be well taken care of. The merchandise is shipped.
Seeing friends, laughing together and getting new ideas for jewelry are the side benefits of attending B&B. I will take tons of photos but I will not be on line until my return. I don't travel with a laptop and I am IPad free and my phone, is a simple one. There will be so much to share when I get home! I have exhibited at the Bead and Button show since it began in Portland, Oregon. It is Bead Mecca, I tell everyone. If there is one show you should save your pennies and attend, it is B&B! This year there is an exhibit of beadwork form the Ukraine. I saw a glimpse of it on line and it was amazing in its intricacy and detail. Inspiring - that's what this event is. Oh, a full of hugs and kisses as we all greet each other, many of us seeing one another for the first time since last year. Thank goodness for things like FB and blogs so I can keep in touch! I love them for the ability to bring long distance friends into my living room!

A piece of bead embroidery I am working on to display some of the new Czech shaped beads  I am selling.
Of course, I could not resist adding sequins, too! I am only sorry that the colors appear a bit faded here.

A close up of some of the embroidery with a couched piece of trim that I also will be selling.

New Port Townsend charms I made, front and back images. 
Have a great week and I will see you beady soon with lots of jaw dropping inspiring, idea triggering, awesome photos! xox, Lois

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