Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We are home from the Bead & Button show in Milwaukee! It feels so good to be on the water and smell the heavy laden salted air. My lungs feel free again and the moisture from the ferry boat spray feels refreshing and rejuvenating on my skin.
The show was great fun, seeing old friends, making new friends and selling my work to rave reviews.  My new charms and designs were so well received that I came home with very little of them. Thanks to all who stopped by the booth and confirmed that the direction I am heading in is a good one. The doors of creativity have sprung wide open and I am heading through them with tons of new ideas!

I bought some lampwork beads and have new thoughts on how to combine them with silver to make interesting charms and focal pieces. I feel so incredibly inspired by all that I saw and by the day I spent at the art museum. Believe me, I took plenty of pictures ( 149 ! ) and will be posting some of them in the coming days.

My special treat while in Milwaukee? deep fried macaroni and cheese. Never heard of it so of course I had to give it a try. Pretty tasty stuff but you could feel the old arteries clogging as you ate it! What a memory - a FOOD memory! HaHa!

I have missed being in my shop so I am heading into town now for the afternoon. Come by and see me! Until later, Lois

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