Friday, June 3, 2011


She exasperates me and pulls my plants from their flower pots. She takes four foot long pieces of landscaping timbers and drags them all over the yard. She ate the beak off the wood crow on my porch and chewed the steeple from my church birdhouse. She walks all over my toes when I am wearing sandals and leaves bruises. She wants to eat anything and everything at all times.....

And then she goes and does the sweetest things! She lays next to the cats and lets them rub against her. She lays at my feet and gently snores while I make jewelry. She leaps to her feet if she thinks I am threatened. Approach the house and she will eat you.

And then to finish off the day, she brings me her new favorite toy, one of the seven dwarfs! What can you do but love a dog like that? So I won't plant any flowerpots until she grows up some more. I will pick up the timbers and put them back. I will rub my sore toes and throw my arms around this dog's neck and give and get kisses until we are both basking in each other's love!

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Spirited Earth said...

LOL..Lab puppyhood..oh how easy it is to forget those days when everything gets chewed up..
our yard looked like a daycare center with all the toys for distraction..but still numerous garden hoses,doormats,shovel handles ,etc. were gobbled up ..fortunatley not the house siding or car bumpers as i've been told has happened to others,
even with all the puppy distruction,they are the sweetest, cutest dogs.