Monday, May 30, 2011

In The Studio

 This is my messy bead work bench this morning. I am determined to use up a bunch of odds and ends plus my charms in various metals to make interesting and industrial looking charm bracelets. I am going to take them to the Bead & Button show. I think that my desk must look like what the inside of my head looks like. Bits and pieces in a whirl of creative thought! Oh, and the television that I like to have on for background noise is kaput at least until a satellite technician shows up on Friday. Sigh --- no Kathy Lee and Hoda!
 Multi dangle earrings with sterling, copper and brass for the upcoming show. This is two days of work done between customers in the shop. I had a bunch of my cast circles and felt like making some swingy summer earrings. Of course, I will display them a  lot better at B&B!!
Finally, here is the first bracelet that has been assembled from the chaos on my desk today. I used brass, copper, gunmetal, glass, celluloid dice, handmade glass beads and my own charms. I even tucked in one of my Space Needle charms! After all, this summer is the 50th anniversary of our beloved Needle!

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