Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Pieces for B&B

This is what my newest crosses look like after they leave the bowl of liver of sulphur. They are dark and rich looking, a nice flat gray-black. I hoped to catch more of the detail believing that when I show detail they will not look like PMC, because they are not. I am amazed that people look at my silver and think it is PMC ( precious metal clay ) rather than the traditional work that it is. Hours spent with a jeweler's saw cutting out tiny pieces to be soldered onto a surface. My brain leaping from design to design as everything constantly evolves as I work on it.  

These are the finished pieces all hand polished and slightly satin in their surface. These are maybe around 2 inches tall. To be truthful, I did not mean to cast them. The last package from my caster of restocks for the B&B show came and inside were these pieces all cast in sterling. Neither Phil or I remember sending the master. They were made awhile back and hung on the wall in the office in the " to be cast someday " pile. I  think it was divine influence that had them cast. Divine influence that had them sent to the caster and I like that. I love knowing that sometimes life is greater than its parts and that the DIVINE plays a role when it is least expected. Blessings to you on this day and may the divine protect the country form any more tragic tornadoes!

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