Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Evidence of Pollen

 My backyard is a carpet of lush low growing daisies. They are small, densely petaled and have fuschia tips around a sunny yellow center. Technically, I think they are classified as weeds and I should probably be like my neighbors and want to rip them out to achieve a lawn that could be featured in Sunset magazine. Instead, I am delighted with them! They are romantic and graceful, only opening their faces to full sun. If I were a tiny fairy living in my lawn, I would make my home among them. If I were to marry again, ever, I would want to walk down the aisle upon them in bare feet, of course.
 Everything looks prettier surrounded by these daisies, even Daisy the dog. Just look at how pretty everything in this photo appear!
A closeup view.
Rain is in the forecast for the next week so I may not get to see the flowers for awhile again. On the next day that the sun is out in force, the flowers will once again open their faces to the light and my little carpet of daisies will cheer my soul and I will be able to see how far they have expanded! 

Back to the studio, for an evening of sun catcher making. 

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