Sunday, May 22, 2011

It is always a surprise to me to look at a picture of myself and see my mother! When did this happen? How is it that I have always tried to not be her and then find that virtually overnight I have become her in a physical sense? Is that a bad thing? She was an interesting woman, I know she loved me but she did make growing up a challenge and that's all I will say on this tender subject.

I have been getting used to seeing myself in pictures though and this from a woman who would run and hide when a camera came out! It is probably a sign that I am maturing ( nicely, thank you ) and that no longer do I need to not acknowledge myself. Yes, I am not 18 and my chin is no longer alone on my neck and my eyes might be lost on my face and the gray hairs outnumber the brown but it is just simply me. And I am not so bad.

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